About us

Pooja is a ritual performed by Hindu’s to get inner peace or to celebrate an occasion. We have started this service to make your occasion beautiful.

The knowledge of Shastras and Vedas is passed on to us from our ancestors these rituals are performed from several years with the blessings of our ancestors and Guru’s. Tantri Sudarshan Sharma has studied Tantra, Rig-Veda from his father Narayan Bhat, who was an ecclesiastic. Our team is under the guidance of Sudarshan Sharma and Shashi Bhat which is the key to our success.

Head Priest

He has an experience of 25 years in tantric pooja , also has an experience in devata pratishthapana ,homa-havana ,and many other rituals as well.

He has studied Tantra from his father Sriman Narayan Sharma,who was an ecclesiastic. Tantri Sudarshan Sharma is a well known priest in Koramangala Banglore , and Kasaragodu .

Team members

Sri Veda Vidvan Manomani

Sriman Radha Krishna Shastry

Sriman Radhakrishna Bhat

Sriman Prasanna Shastry

Sriman Veda Vidvan Guru Prasad

Sriman Veda Vidvan Avinash Bhat

Sriman Veda Vidvan Ananta Krishna Bhat

Sriman Madhava Bhat

Sriman Jyothish Shankara Bhat

Sriman Narayan Nair

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